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22nd December 2010

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The Reality of it All-Ch. 1

"Khloe!! You have to be at the studio for your photo shoot in 1 hour! Get up!"

You listen to your manager yell through the hall way to your room. You let out a big sigh and roll out of bed. As you jump in to the shower you think about that boy you met last night at that party. With your eyes closed tightly you lean your head back and let the hot water run down your body.

You slowly look through the clothes in your huge closet glancing over at your phone every few seconds hoping it will light up with a text. As you slip on your favorite big star jeans and your uggs, you drop your towel and search around for your favorite juicy couture zip up.

"5 minutes Khloe!" Crystal yells again.

You found it laying right next to your dior jacket! Your hair is slightly towel dried and you just left it unbrushed, laying flat against your back. While grabbing your iPhone you lean over your nightstand to grab your favorite juicy bag. It matched your zip up.

You walked in the doors of your dressing room and sat down so the make up artist could begin your make up. Another girl stood behind you with a blow dryer and a brush and began to do your hair.”I knew this is what I wanted” you smile. Jorge, the wardrobe man, held out a few different outfits to you and said that those were the outfits you had to chose from for the shoot today. You just smiled and pointed and the one in the middle.

That face you had stuck in your head all morning from the night before suddenly appeared. You had to blink a few times to realize that Chris was standing right in front of you. Chris Bell to be exact. He was that sunshine on a rainy day that every girl wanted to meet. He made that good first impression on you the night before. All he did was say goodnight and handed you your jacket, but that charm sure did have a way with you.

Crystal stood up to speak “Khloe, you have heard of Chris Bell right?” you shake your head and smile. “The photographer thought that you two would go together great for this cover! So you guys will be doing it together today” As things processed in your perverted little mind you chuckle and whispered “doing it together”

You just smile and says “sounds good” With the uncontrollable urge you have to blush, he lays his hand on yours and says, “see you soon” You cant help but have to hold on to that chair so that you dont float away.

You walk out to the set. Chris is wearing dark jeans, a blue v neck, a white sweater with a cross necklace and white vans. You try not to stare. Chris simply doesnt hide the fact that he is staring at you in your cute little cut of shorts, white ruffly tank top, gray blazer, and gladiators. Of coarse you have a crazy amount of jewelry on because accessories are your favorite.

The photo shot is about to start. You pull your long, wavy, brown hair to the front and mess it up a little with your fingers. Chris smiles… “you look great”

"So do you" … you smile from ear to ear and chuckle a bit.

The photographer tells you guys to just be playful and act normal. This months cover for Seventeen magazine is all about energy. At first you aren’t sure what to do with out seeming some what weird. But then Chris starts to act like you have known each other forever. It made the job way easier for you. You hugged each other, gave kisses on the cheek and leaped in to each others arms. You were so happy to know how easy going he was. The photographer was blown away by the pictures. “Have you two known each other long?” You both smile and shake your heads no. “No one would ever know! You did a great job today!” You smile and walk away.

On your way home, you sit silently and smile. Your phone beeps. Its a text from Chris… It says *So I was wondering.. Would you like to go out to dinner with me tomorrow night?* You let out a squeek and jump around a bit in the back of the limo. Crystal laughs.. “What are you so excited about!?”
“LOOK!” you yell as you shove your phone in her face.
Crystal laughs. “Well I sure do hope you give that boy a chance. He seems nice. That could be good for you. But remember what you wanted a year ago? Now you have it… Dont let a silly boy ruin any of this for you”

You roll your eyes and think “I’m a teenage girl. I like boys!! I dont need that speech from you or mom EVERY SINGLE TIME I get asked out”

20th August 2010


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25th July 2010



27th June 2010

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
— Eleanor Roosevelt

25th June 2010

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Ammature Tumblr User?

Long story short…. I have no idea how to use tumblr. Im hopeless. i have been sitting here for a half an hour clicking buttons and experimenting which has done crap!! HELP ME!! ;(

25th June 2010


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